January 9 2020 transit of mercury astrology

If the lord of the 6th house is stronger that the lagna lord then the results are going to be opposite in effect.

Sun enters Libra on October 18, 12222, 1:2:38

The success of the house under consideration can be predicted when the lord of the lagna gets into conjunction with the lord of that house house in course of their transits - provided that the lord of the house concerned is strong, or else the results can differ. Success of a house can be predicted under following circumstances of transits: When the lord of the lagna in transit is in trikona sign or navamsa occupied by the lord of the house. When the lord of the lagna passes through that house in transit.

When the lord of the house transits in the sign which is trikona to the sign or navamsa occupied by the lord of the lagna. When in the course of transit the lord of the lagna and lord of the house get conjoined or aspect each other. When the karaka of the house in course of his transit gets conjoined with the lord of the lagna or the lord of the sign occupies by moon. Mercury Mercury enters Scorpio on October 23, , Mercury enters Libra on November 7, , Mercury enters Scorpio on December 5, , Mercury enters Sagittarius on December 25, , Mercury enters Capricorn on January 13, , Mercury enters Aquarius on January 31, , Mercury enters Pisces on April 7, , Mercury enters Aries on April 25, , Mercury enters Taurus on May 9, , Mercury enters Gemini on May 24, , Mercury enters Cancer on August 2, , Mercury enters Leo on August 17, , Mercury enters Virgo on September 2, , Mercury enters Libra on September 22, , Jupiter Jupiter enters Sagittarius on November 5, , Jupiter enters Capricorn on March 30, , Jupiter enters Sagittarius on June 30, , Colonization of Mercury.

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Hidden categories: Commons category link is on Wikidata Commons category link is locally defined. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Shakerly is thought to have died in India around Observed by Christiaan Huygens in London. Observed by Abraham Sharp.

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Observed from Cambridge U. Observed by Capel Lofft in England. Observed by William Lassell. Partially observed from Malta by William Lassell.

Planetary Trends for October

Observed from Greenwich Observatory. Observed by John Tebbutt. Observed from Sidmouth, Devon by H. Turner and A.

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Lindemann [38]. Observed from Johannesburg by R. Innes [39]. Seen by several observers across the U. Grace Cook and T. Final stages observed by Basil Brown. Final stages observed from the U. Observed from New South Wales. Entire transit in S. America, eastern N.

America, western Europe; part of transit everywhere else except Australia and far eastern Asia.

Table of Eclipse Dates from 1994 to 2030

Since Uranus entered your sign earlier this year, it has likely thrown more than one curveball your way, possibly upending relationships and situations previously considered fail-proof. As Uranus retrogrades in Taurus, the pressure will temporarily subside, allowing you to gather your thoughts and actions until it turns direct at the beginning of For you, the best use of this retrograde lays in figuring out what has been keeping you from expressing your true individuality to the outer world; and what has to go in order for you to begin doing so.

Gemini sun and Gemini Rising.

Lilith in Pisces Transit - The HYPNOTIST - MAY 2019 - JAN 2020

Here, Uranus will be stirring up your unconscious mind and the hidden processes that lay behind your actions, inducing internal changes to release negative and outdated habits. When in retrograde, what could have been feeling like intense behind-the-scenes energy will slow down, giving your psyche a bit of a break—or a big breakthrough, alternatively.

Use this retrograde to gain spiritual awareness in order to manifest positive growth. Cancer sun and Cancer Rising. Uranus now looks to bring that same intensity of innovation to your hopes, aspirations, friendships, and collective movements. The good news is that the Uranus retrograde in Taurus will offer you a temporary reprieve to regroup and identify the right support team to help you wade through these deep waters.

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Leo sun and Leo Rising. Leo is ready for the spotlight even more than usual. If unexpected news or twists have already come up, expect this nervous energy to slow down in the next six months. Virgo sun and Virgo Rising. Since Uranus entered Taurus at the beginning of the year, you have been breathing a sigh of relief as unexpected and positive turns of events began to knock at your door to literally get you out of the house and see the world. With Uranus in this hopeful placement, you may have started thinking or investigating new paths in travel or education. As you stare at the horizon of possibility, pay attention to unconventional new ideas that may abruptly come into mind—they could be genius!

Libra sun and Libra Rising. Since March of Uranus has been in an ultra-touchy, not-so-pleasant part of your chart, provoking you to confront your deepest, most primal emotions.