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Being capable to survive on her own, she takes independent decisions even in the face of hurdles. She wants to live her life on her own terms and does not like others dictating her ways of being. She is capable of doing all the things that a man can. An Aries female is a thrill-seeking and daring persona who constantly needs new challenges to stimulate her. She is bold and enthusiastic about taking risks as well. Since she always has new ideas to share, she comes up with exciting ways to spend time.

She is not afraid to tread on uncharted territory. This is one of the most prominent amongst Aries woman characteristics.

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Since the sign of Aries is governed by fire, the Aries woman exudes a fiery personality. Ruled by the Ram, she has a great zest for life. Whatever she puts her mind into, she pursues it with tireless effort and heart. She is never half-hearted towards her endeavors.

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She has a fervent desire to attain excellence, which is one of the popular traits of an Aries woman. The Aries girls are a fearless and natural leader. She is at the forefront of every activity, kick-starting the required tasks. Because she likes to be in charge, she influences people in the right direction.

7 Aries Woman Characteristics which Makes her a Winner - Womenlite

She has the ability to inspire people through her actions. People rely on her for guiding them in various situations. She is a believer in the good in people and never fails to do some good to others. Regardless of their appeal in society, she will support causes that matter to her. She holds a positive view of life.

An Aries woman personality is pretty straightforward. She is sincere and straightforward when it comes to her dealings and communications with others. She speaks her mind on most issues and refuses to compromise on her stance in life. A vigilant mind is a part of the Aries woman beauty.

Having an acute sense of observation and thought-process, she is quick-witted and sharp. She has a brilliant mind which she puts to good use through her work. Do Aries woman fall in love easily? The Aries woman is a hopeful romantic.

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When an Aries woman she falls in love, she falls hard. She will wholeheartedly accept her partner as part of her life.

Birth Chart: Linda Goodman (Aries)

Although she is an independent soul, she will curtail a small part of her independence to make space for her lover. She has very strong feelings which she is not afraid to show them. She has the ability to put a lot of energy into the relationship. If she is attracted to a guy, she is not hesitant to usually make the first move and let him know about it.

She wears her heart on her sleeve and will shower all her love and affection on her partner. She expects honesty from her lover and expects him to confide in her regarding what he feels and what he wants from her. She is devastated by deceit and betrayal. But, when the Aries woman is hurt , she will forgive and forget easily. She can also be a little bossy around her lover at times. When in a relationship, she is more giving, understanding and emotional than normal.

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  • She craves passion and love. They're demanding in love, and it takes a while for them to learn the give and take thing. An Aries in love then seeks someone who will be patient with them, and overlook their moments of extreme selfishness.

    Find out What You Will Absolutely Not Tolerate in a Relationship, Based on Your Zodiac

    The Aries ego needs to be reassured, and by a lover, they respect, and won't be cowed by their aggressive behavior. Aries is the Zodiac sign of rebirth in Spring, the resurrection, and the trusting -- sometimes screaming -- babe meeting the world. In Love Signs, Goodman writes, "Like a human infant totally self-absorbed, the Aries soul discovers with delight his own or her own toes and fingers -- its own physical beingness. To satisfy all needs, only a loud cry is necessary, heard and answered instantly by elders.

    The real infant doubts or fears nothing or no one, simply because it has never experienced denial. Likewise, the Aries 'infant' soul has natural trust and touching faith in the unseen force of goodness which will miraculously grant all its wishes. Aries lovers disrupt your life, like a wee babe, making you stay up all night, and clean up their messes. Goodman writes that the ignored Aries "yells even louder for attention.

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    • This is rough on those that get into relationships with them. Especially because the intensity of the cry ends just as suddenly as it begins. So sensitive souls beware and heed the wise words of this Aries astrologer extraordinaire. Updated April 05, Attract the Aries Guy by letting him play the hero. Attract the Aries Woman with your confidence and amazing feats. Continue Reading. LiveAbout uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.

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