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Ra, me and Dorothy. The last time we were together was in Delhi! Although I have to say, it was a little uncomfortable when a certain controversial character received very little applause when his photo popped up. After a day of lectures, it was time for some more socialising. But as everyone was leaving, I was offered a ticket at the last possible minute.

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A very handsome astrological researcher who would also be my hot date at the Regulus Awards Dinner persuaded me to come along. Cruising along the river really made me feel nostalgic. It was great to see Linea Van Horn and Alan Bronstein who wrote a review for my book as a teacher and non astrologer , Meredith Froemke and Jenny Burack and so many others! Saturday was another day of lectures with a brief interlude of breakfast with Sonal Sachdeva and then lunch with fellow Brits Kim Farnell and Sue Farebrother and other astro folks.

Poor Kim was limping on a broken ankle and I was working hard on persuading Sue to come to India she gave in! Just a touch. I mention this incident as an example of how NOT to network at a conference! Saturday night was Jazz night and guess who came as a flapper? Me and a whole lot of others all seemed to have gotten the same dress in different coloured sequins. But I had pink kitten heeled shoes to match mine, lol. Oh and a blonde wig to preserve my dignity! The wig and the boa were much loved gifts from Christina Caudill. For a Jazz Night, there was a conspicuous lack of music.

I had dressed as a flapper with the hopes of doing The Charleston or something.

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A few far more creative astrologers managed to set up some impromptu speakers but this was one night that jet lag and bootleg beverages got the better of me. Sunday morning and I got a message from an old friend. Get yourself to Church. You can borrow one of my trumpets! I thought. You know what old people say when they see each other after a long time? So I went from flapper to playing the trumpet in the Salvation Army band on a Sunday morning in the space of.

From Flapper to Salvation Army. Talk about a transformation! I even sang in the choir and surprised myself with sight reading quite a challenging piece. I had lunch with my friend and his family. It was wonderful to catch up with him and to ask him about life in the Salvation Army. As a teenager I considered becoming a full-time Salvation Army officer.

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But eventually I knew I was destined for other things. I think I would have eventually felt I was missing our on something if I had to wear black and white every day never mind the bonnet. But I kept this thought to myself. Dancing with my astro brother Samuel Reynolds after the Regulus banquet. So I went to one party and after about half an hour, security arrived and told us we had to vacate the room.

But word was getting around that one by one, the parties were getting shut down. I made it to another when security crashed in again. And then again at another. Monday night was of course the Regulus Banquet. As always at these things, the food can be a little like school dinners but it was better than a lot of other conference banquets I had been to. And I had my hot date to distract me. Presenter Nadiya Shah killed it.

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She shimmered in her gorgeous dress. Everyone applauded her when she went to the microphone. And I had a warning! The awards ceremony was surprisingly moving.

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And Steven Forrest? I love dat man. He went on to say that our focus should be kept on the young astrologers. We should give them opportunities. Here is my Scorpio forecast August tarot reading. This applies to you if you are born under the astrological zodiac sun sign Sun, moon, or rising! Join the most Spiritual Bad-ass Family! Hit the bell Scorpio August Horoscope. Scorpio August - Careful now Barbara Goldsmith 1 years ago. Thank you for watching!

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In this monthly horoscope for Scorpio I give an overview of the major planetary transits for August, and discuss what areas of your What do you love about this week? Let me know in the comments below! Thank You! They're NO clocks in diving Timing. Terence Guardino 12 days ago.

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