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Dorotheus , Pingree trans. Thus these are the seven places which are preferred to the places which are not recognized as good [ good places in order from best are 1, 10, 11, 5, 7, 4, 9 ]: the third from the ascendent [3rd house] because it is said that it is the place of the joy of the Moon, and the second from the ascendent [2nd house], then the eight from the ascendent, which is the sign of death [8th house]. Of these places which I told you, the first is the strongest [ mediocre places in order from best are 3, 2, 8 ].

Notice the combination of the ideas of regard and the stakes in the above schema. All of the stakes are good houses. The symbolism connected with the dark houses places 2, 6, 8, and 12 is that of something disconnected from the person and in the dark or shade. This comes through in their symbolism as they tend to pertain to things which can impair our ability to live our lives money, illness, death, imprisonment. When they crop up in a configuration they can point to hostile or secret things. The dark places tend to symbolize things we worry over and may try to keep suppressed or secret.

Together with natural planetary signification and sect, the symbolism of good and bad places points to fortunate and unfortunate states of affairs. As in life, there is room in ancient astrological symbolism for a whole lot of nuanced grey area and mixed sentiments. This is part of the expressive power of ancient astrology. Each planet is said to rejoice in a place in the chart. The joys of the diurnal planets are above the horizon while those of the nocturnal planets are below the horizon, opposite those of their diurnal counterparts.

Here is a diagram of the joys. Additionally, Mercury is neither diurnal nor nocturnal, so it has its joy in a house that is on the horizon, both above and below it.

Its joy is the first house of the self. The diurnal planets have their joys above the horizon. The Sun, the sect light, has its joy in the 9th place, that of God and revelation. Jupiter, the sect benefic, has its joy in a good place, the 11th place, that of friendship and reward. Saturn, the sect malefic, has its joy in a bad place, the 12th place, that of enemies and exile. The nocturnal planets have their joys below the horizon. The Moon, the sect light, has its joy in the 3rd place, that of Goddess and siblings.

Venus, the sect benefic, has its joy in a good place, the 5th place, that of children and works. Mars, the sect malefic, has its joy in a bad place, the 6th place, that of labor and injury. Planetary joy is a type of strength condition. This is not a condition in which the planets are made more benefic, as is clear from the interpretations given for a malefic in the 6th or 12th where they have their joys.

Which House System? - Why Can't We All Agree?

I give these examples to illustrate that a malefic in its joy is not expected to provide benefit. Rather its natural significations are reinforced.

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However, note that you should not interpret a chart based on stray factors such as these. These indications are given by the Hellenistic astrologers, and shared by me, to illustrate the type of thing symbolized by the isolated factor. As you might suppose by its significations, the 1st place is the most important place for character analysis. Planets in or ruling the sign are very important for the character.

I personally consider planets ruling the 1st house to be ones for which there is a personal identification. Those planets in or regarding the 1st place are those with the most direct signification describing character, skill, body, temperament, and influences on the self. I recommend the study of medieval Persian astrology because the Persian astrologers were like us. They were looking at a variety of Hellenistic principles and techniques but coming away with their own preferences and approaches.

There are two main approaches to character analysis in medieval Persian natal astrology. The approach of Abu Bakr On Nativities, Book II is to examine the most prominent or dominant planets in the chart, especially those occurring in the 1st or 10th places. By this approach, Saturn strongly advancing in the 10th place would signify Saturnine character traits, whether or not it had rulership at the Ascendant.

While prominent planets say much about the life circumstances, it is too often the case that a very prominent planet in the chart has little to say about the character of the individual. As mentioned previously, the use of Mercury for the rational mind comes from Ptolemy.

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Episode 17 Transcript: Significations of the Houses

Mercury also has natural significations related to the intellect and speech which make it an important planet to look at in regards to skill in those areas. The Lord of the Ascendant is the dominant ruler of the 1st place. The 1st place signifies the body, skill, and temperament. Its rulers direct the affairs of the house, so it follows that its main ruler symbolizes the mind, that which directs the body and temperament. I mentioned them in the lesson on the signs as being a twelve-fold division of each sign into a micro zodiac.

I use them as projections of the planets into other signs and houses. Their position shown in the following charts is from placing the planetary position in the micro zodiac on the outside of the chart. Hendrix was born during the day, so the chart is diurnal. The Sun is the sect light and is in the 1st house, signifying a very powerful and dynamic persona.

There is a strong sense of the hero and leader tied with the persona Sun in 1st. The Sun is in its own triplicity it rules fire signs by day. Overall, the Sun plus the fire element of Sagittarius makes for a persona that is driven to influence. The Sun is joined by Mercury dexterity, voice, ingenuity and Venus arts, sensuality, drugs in the same bound, so they have their significations mixed together.

Note that Mercury-Venus has associations with fingered string instruments Mercury pertains to digits. The Sun is also associated with stringed instruments see Apollo. All three are in the bound of Jupiter, pertaining to fortune, benefit, and faith. Jupiter is the most advancing planet in the chart and is a lord of the Ascendant house ruler, second triplicity ruler. So there is a sense in which Jupiter is met in many spheres of life and many forms. Jupiter is also identified with due to its rulership of the 1st. This two things together can convey profound faith and spiritual experience.

Note also that the twelfth-part of the MC is conjunct Jupiter, symbolic of elevated status. Jupiter is with the Moon and in her house Cancer , so their significations can be blended. The Moon signifies the mother, the body, the irrational mind, and audiences, among other things. However, they are both in the 8th place of death and stagnation, so the benefits are attended with difficulties. They are in a cardinal sign so changes come in bold and sweeping ways. Interestingly, he acquired his first guitar the same year. The Ascendant is in the bound of Saturn and Saturn opposes the 1st house.

Saturn rules the 2nd of money and the 3rd of siblings. Hendrix grew up in poverty ruled by Saturn and was deeply affected by it. All of his younger siblings were given into foster care. Saturn very closely opposes the 1st house Venus, and Saturn is in the 7th of sexuality. Saturn is in sect and in a good place, but the out of sect malefic Mars also has its twelfth-part in Gemini 7th place. So there are multiple indications of sexual difficulty. Hendrix was reportedly sexually assaulted by someone in uniform at a young age.

Typically, the greatest difficulties will be symbolized by the out of sect malefic. In this case, it is Mars.

Mars is not only out of sect but also in the dark 12th house which it additionally rules. Therefore, Mars, while not prominent in the life in general, rears its head in terms of difficulties with enemies and undoings.

Whole Sign Houses

Mars has its twelfth-part in the 7th house so it can pertain to relationship and sexual problems. As the ruler of the 5th of children and works and the exalted lord of the 2nd of money Mars may show problems with children and works, as well as monetary issues. Rather than coming up with blanket conclusions, such as Jupiter is good and Mars is bad, we need to examine the good and difficult possibilities. Life is mixed.

Indications from any given planet will also be mixed.

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When we recognize this then we can determine what type of indications are forecasted by predictive techniques. For instance, Jupiter has the immense symbolism of success, fortune, and expansiveness in the chart. However, it is also in the 8th place of death which is a vulnerable place, one in which benefits can stagnate and be attended by difficulty.

Additionally, the twelfth-part of Jupiter is in Aries, which is ruled by Mars, the out of sect malefic. Volumes can be written on Mars and Jupiter in the chart, but I just wish to point out some interesting activations at age The twelfth-parts of Mars and that of the Moon are together in the 7th place.

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Additionally, the Moon and Jupiter overcome Mars from the 8th place. One activation of Mars is at age 15, due to the fact that the planetary years of Mars are Age 15 is also the activation of the 4th house by the annual profection , which is Pisces, making Jupiter the lord of the year for that year.

This is a life-changing year with negative and positive developments. The cause of death was asphyxiation from vomiting while intoxicated on sleeping pills.