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Whatever their ideology their aim was one India's independence. Each entry contains a succinct but careful evaluation of a subject's contributions as well as an up to date bibliography. Published by Adhyayan Pub, New Delhi Contents Vol.

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I Editorial. Epic Consciousness 1. Intuition and intellect in the poetry of C. Outpourings of an anguished soul a study of C. Cognitive Rhythm's Way to Eternity 9. Lyric's Temporal Satiety II Editorial.

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Collective consciousness Interpreting death beyond eternity Territories of textual turmoil and search for unity O. Prominent scholars from India and abroad discuss the poetry of Charu Sheel Singh who has emerged as a major Indian English Poet of the eighties. The canon of Indian English Poetry is in crisis.

The poetry which be called Indian is masquerading as the mainstream Indian English Poetry. Charu Sheel's poetry thoroughly Indianises this poetic tradition by its scriptural consciousness and mythographic imagination. Singh uses a highly post modernist idiom to make the antiquated contemporary.

Singh has evolved a new poetic genre in the process which substitutes the epic proper and renovates upon the traditional forms of poetry. The postmodernist idiom moreover does not destroy the sublime which is the very essence of the Indianness.

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Such poetry canonizes itself in the eternity of time without the distinctions of the past present or the future. Published by APH About this Item: APH, Published by Aavishkar, Jaipur About this Item: Aavishkar, Jaipur, Contents A brief biography of Prof. Mohan Ram. Trivedi Garima Gupta and Seema Choudhary. Pandey and Aloka Kumari. Chaturvedi and Shonali Chaturvedi.

Chauhan and Anita Rana. Reproductive biology of Crataeva religiosa Forst. Kumar and Santosh Kumar. DNA fingerprinting of some mango Mangifera indica L.

Volume Three – South Asia

Karihaloo and Ambika Baldev Gaikwad. Chauhan D. Agnihotri and Vandana Singh.

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Bisen and Ravindra Verma. Singh and Anuradha Singh. India is one of the twelve megadiversity centers of the world with two of the eighteen hotspots worldwide. However the bio wealth is under unprecedented environmental threat. Over 4.

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Serious efforts are also being made to conserve this wealth under ex situ programmes. For biodiversity conservation our understanding of reproductive biology of flowering plants is of utmost importance. Besides the role of reproductive biology in biodiversity conservation the biotechnological advancement in various fields also plays an equally important role. The chapter entitled Naming the genera of angiosperms by renowned botanist of the country Prof. Mohan Ram is of great significance to taxonomists.

Chapters on chromosomes in speciation and implications in plant systematics chromosome botany in the post genomic era importance of sacred herbs and their medicinal uses anatomy of pericarp in asteraceae role of reproductive biology in biodiversity conservation role of floral biology in orchid industry reproductive biology of crataeva religiosa nectarines in bignoniaceae effect of pollen of some weeds on crop production habitat depletion and conservation strategies of wildlife sanctuary breaking dormancy in tree seeds and new reports on green algae from Yamuna river are not only quite interesting but are also of great importance.

The chapter on Transgenic crops in world agriculture gives a detailed account of all the existing transgenic crops.

The chapter entitled BT cotton present status and future prospects has great relevance to the present scenario in cotton production in India. Published by Motilal Banarsidass About this Item: Motilal Banarsidass, Contents: I. Language Contact and Related Issues: 1. Sridevi and Reshma N. Phonetics, Phonology and Morphology: 6. Grazia Busa and John J. Language, Society and Communication: Mathur and Imtiaz Hasnain.

Syntax and Semantics: The conference was attended by scholars from all over the world and about papers were presented in 20 parallel sessions and plenary sessions. This volume is a representative sample of the breadth and quality of research that is being carried out in South Asian linguistics today. Published by University Book House, Jaipur Kamal Naidu and Andhra Pradesh.

Sathe and R. Management education in India need for a fresh look. Verma and Jawahar Singh. Elango and S. The book Environmental Law Pollution and Management is a compendium of papers contributed by distinguished personalities consultants and academicians. It has been designed to meet long felt need. The venture focusses upon the following aspects Gandhi and environment. Green productivity growth in harmony with nature. Agriculture and improved environment.

Corporate business social responsibility. Climatic change implications for national security. Barefoot women solar engineers. Effect of air pollution on health. Environmental conservation in road projects. Poverty alleviation programme and environment. Environmental degradation in rural areas. People's participation in environmental protection. Environmental law an international perspective. International environmenta.

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Published by Scientific About this Item: Scientific, Part Contents: Preface. Suresh K. Hasija--a biographic sketch.

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Agricultural biotechnology: 1. Shekhar Nautiyal. Rai, Sudha and Nirmal Sahay. Bagyaraj and B. Connick, Jr. Mendki, V. Maheshwari and R. Nawani and B. Dust Jacket Condition: As New. Contents: 1. Bushra Iqrar. Devikar and Narayan Chopra. Planning and management of ancient water Phad system in Dhule district M. Suryawanshi and Nandre Ajay Panditrao. Jat and Mrs.