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When they unite, they reveal the "opposites attract" nature of soulmate relationships. This is a passionate and feisty coupling of dreamers who are adventurous, expressive and full of grand schemes and plans. As soulmates, they are a tag team in which each person has a distinct role to play.

However, it's through their interactions and the intimate bond they have with each other that an Aries and a Libra can become aware of the negative potential of their opposing natures and begin to work together as one. Negatively, an Aries can be selfish, immature, unconscious and rabid in their pursuit of what they want, and a Libra can phobic about exercising one shred of independence.

As you can imagine there are no checks and balances if both express the negatives. However, in Bonnie and Clyde's love story , neither managed to transcend the negative side of their natures. Their magnetic attraction for one another was to bring them to a tragic end but immortalized them as soulmate lovers who were the "Robin Hoods" of the s Depression Era. The hallmark of a soulmate relationship is they are intended to unlock a part of you that's longing to be released, and the relationship of Bonnie and Clyde reveals that what you find out about yourself is not always pleasant.

You are unconsciously drawn to your soulmate because they have something you need. This need creates a passion that's unexplainable. You know they are the one and only person who can make your life complete.

When the Sun is involved, the relationship can be miraculous and intense , like the Sun! Enrichment — Ooh, full moon tomorrow! Time to recharge my crystals :. The Moon brings with it a sensitive and stable influence into the relationship which provides you with comfort and security. Jupiter is a power planet and signifies all sorts of goodness like prosperity and achievement.

You can also expect that one partner will expand the mind of the other — and show them new ways of thinking! The long term of the relationship depends on what other planets are in your natal chart, too. When Mercury is in both your charts, it means the relationship will have lots of new ideas and awesome communication.

For example, expect vibrant and dramatic discussions when Mercury is featured with Venus, Jupiter or the Sun! Mars has a pretty intense rep. This can make for an unpredictable combo! The relationship will be intensified depending on what planet it aspects. When Saturn connects with a planet in your chart, it feels as though kismet has brought you together. Uranus has similar traits as Mercury, but super-charged!

The Perfect Soulmate For Each Zodiac Sign…

When Uranus connects with a planet in your natal chart, it can burn HOT and fast … then fizzle just as quick! Many of the love at first sight stories you hear are thanks to this planet. When you are connected via Neptune in your natal charts — o. These relationships are typically based on spiritual or creative connection and can lead to unconditional love. The qualities of this planet are an intense version of Mars. As Mars does, Pluto in a natal chart amplifies the traits of the other planet involved.

These Zodiac Signs are True Best Friend Soulmates

These relationships are often passionate love affairs. One of the most important parts of soulmate astrology are Lunar nodes. This is even more important than planet connections!

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Lunar nodes are the astrological points where the Moon crosses the ecliptic path of the sun. The South Node represents past karma. The North Node represents current or future karma. Because we are working out our karma together , lunar node connections are common in the natal charts of family members and soulmates. Each of the twelve Zodiac signs are connected to one of the four elements— water, fire, earth and air. People ruled by the Water are spiritual , emotionally sensitive , sentimental , and perceptive. They are romantic and loyal, giving their all to relationships.

They even have a compatibility tool , where you can put in both of your birthdays just for fun. Have fun exploring. Composite charts are a type of traditional relationship astrology where you put the charts of two people together using mid-point calculations to create a separate chart that represents the relationship itself.

Like synastry, I can see how a composite chart could very well deepen a long-term relationship. But even when a composite relationship chart has all kinds of positive and supportive aspects, it still comes down to two individuals and free will choice. Meet at the wrong time, forget it. And so on.

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Composite charts are fascinating. Personally, this is why I return to the astrological soulmate secrets offered by karmic astrology. Because karmic astrology begins by asking who you are… and who you came here to be. The heart of a karmic astrology chart is the moon's North and South Nodes , or points where the moon intercepts the earth's orbit around the sun. These are also called True Nodes in some circles. Spiritual and esoteric astrologers believe that the nodes create a point of soul magnetism grounding the past while pulling us toward the future.

Astrology Love Matches: Aries

So if your south node is in Capricorn like mine is , your North Node would be in the opposite sign of Cancer. Your North Node symbolizes the path of greatest soul growth. In other words, it's the energy that your soul intended for you learn in this life, to balance your past lives. Because your North Node symbolizes growth… this is also where your astrological soulmate lives. And the nice thing is that while waiting for your soulmate to come into your life… you have many rich ways to create a contented and meaningful life on your own.

My South Node is in Capricorn — I'm naturally precise, business-like, pragmatic and dependable. When I'm stressed I can get very strict and rigid. My astrological soulmate so to speak will certainly appreciate my Cappy qualities, but on balance, will encourage me to become lighter, creative and more feminine. If you have your exact time of birth , you can also learn the astrological houses your North and South nodes reside in.

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For example, my North Node in Cancer is expressed in the 12th house. I'm here to explore the karma around my emotional life. So me writing about mysterious topics such as life purpose, awakening and even soulmates fits well with this energy. The rest of your karmic astrology chart gives insights on your personality, with some past life information thrown in as well.

Leo Soulmate Compatibility | LoveToKnow

Plus other hints about your astrological soulmate to help you recognize them. For a broader perspective, you can also read my detailed descriptions of each North Node by sign and by house. So if they seem odd or challenging at first, that's cool. When you're stuck, keep the perspective in mind.