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Those born in there Gemini horoscope should spend time this month weighing the pros and cons of your next moves before committing anything. You will have plenty of opportunity this month to make things official from August 11, when gas giant Jupiter ends a four-month retrograde in your opposite sign of Sagittarius.

Jupiter, the planet of growth and opportunity, has been soaring through your seventh house of committed relationships since November last year, making its once-everyyears visit until December.

Some Geminis will outgrow longtime partners while others take the leap into more permanent arrangements this August. Jupiter slowed for its annual four-month retrograde earlier this year, offering those born in the Gemini horoscope a chance to reflect or correct course with an important person. With Jupiter travelling in and out of a Square aspect to Neptune in your career sector all year, professional demands may have cut into quality time with a loved one.

Even as a promising collaboration moves forward, you may have to deal with all-consuming demands from work or a feeling of being dominated by too much structure you wish to escape.

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As Jupiter turns direct on August 11, the planet Uranus will start a five-month retrograde through Taurus and your healing, introspective twelfth house. Uranus is the planet of surprises and while it retrogrades, your emotions could suddenly grow before you can control them.

You may feel wildly out of your comfort zone at moments, and learning the art of surrender will be an important lesson. Uranus is in Taurus until April , and as the planet of liberation, the planet puts you in touch with your truth. As Uranus travels through your mystical twelfth house, prepare for an interior revolution involving an emotional or creative awakening.

There are the Elementary Spirits, who inhabit the four elements of ancient physical science, and are divided into' Sylphs, Undines, Gnomes, and Salamanders these intelligences reproduce their species after the manner of mankind. Finally, there are the souls of departed men and women whose actual locality in the world unseen is variously described. Angels are invoked in the higher branches of white magic, and Demons in the operations of the black art Elementary Spirits are the classes most easily commanded, and they are the familiars of the middle ages.

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The souls of the dead were conjured commonly for the revelation of mundane secrets, occasionally for the disclosure of future events, but most frequently in the interests of ;. Thus, mere etymology indicates that Magic was the synthesis of those sciences once possessed by the Magi or philosophers of India, of Persia, of Chaldaea, of Egypt, who were the priests of nature, the patriarchs of knowledge, and the founders of those vast civilisations whose ruins still maintain, without tottering, the burden of sixty centuries. India, Persia, Chaldea, and Egypt, were the cradles of the oldest Magic.

Zoroaster, Ostanes, the Brahmins, the Chaldean sages, and the Egyptian priests, were the primitive possessors of its secrets. The priestly and sacrificial functions, the healing of the sick, and the preservation of the Secret Wisdom, were the objects of their life. They were either princes themselves, or surrounded princes as their counsellors.

Justice, truth, and the power of self-sacrifice, were the great qualities with which each one of these must be endowed ; and the neglect of any one of these virtues was punished in the most cruel manner. By these definitions it is plain that Magic is not merely the art of invoking spirits, and that it is not merely concerned with establishing a communication with other forms of intelligent subsistence in the innumerable spheres of the transcendental. If such invocation be possible, if such communication can be truly established, it is evidently by the intervention of certain occult forces resident in the communicating individual, man.

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Now, it is reasonable to suppose that the same forces can be applied in other directions, and the synthesis of the methods and processes by which these forces are utilized in the several fields of experiment, combined with a further synthesis of methods and processes by which the latent potentialities of a variety of physical substances are developed into manifest activity, constitutes Magic in the full, perfect, and comprehensive sense of that much abused term.

The maltreatment and odium of centuries has elimin-. Fortunately, however, it is not the only term by which that science is described ; esoteric Wisdom, occult knowledge, the transcendental philosophy and practice are inter-convertible terms which all signify Magic, and are used indiscriminately throughout this volume, less to avoid tautology than to minimise the depreciatory effect of a now debased word by connecting it with the equivalents of its first and true significance.

It has been already explained in the introduction to this work what we conceive to be the objects of the present revival of mysticism, and the exact nature of its claims on the consideration of the nineteenth century. The origin and destiny of Man are the absorbing and vital problems which, in the present age, demand more urgently than ever a complete and satisfactory solution. Such a solution is offered, it is claimed, by Magic. Latent energies, undeveloped faculties, generally unknown possibilities, are affirmed by that science to be actually resident in man.

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By their effectual evolution we are informed that the horizon of his energies and his perceptions can be so enlarged as to extend over a new range of existence. It is demonstrated that his physical envelope is not his real self, that he can transcend it without destroying, while he can establish a direct connection with numberless forms of intelligence who are dissevered from their perishable bodies, and with others of every rank who have never been joined with flesh.

The desire of the long ages is promised a complete fulfilment in this sublime programme of an abandoned knowledge.

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The psychological experiments of the past masters of mysticism are alleged to have brought them into communication with various classes of intelligences, such as angels, elementary spirits, demons, and the disembodied souls of men. The fundamental principle 0 f this communication was in the exercise of a certain occult force.

Magus and strenuously exerted for the establishment of such a correspondence between two This planes of Nature as would effect his desired end. To assist and to stimulate this energy into the most powerful possible operation, artificial means were almost invariably used. The ordinary faculties and senses were worked upon, and frequently the narrow line which intervenes between exaltation and frenzy was overstepped in the temerity of the process.

The appeal to the senses by a gorgeous and overwhelming ritual which has been attended with grand success in the hierarchic religions of Christianity was made equally by the hierarchic magic of the past. Undoubtedly the end was occasionally accomplished by violent and unnatural means, for intellectual exaltation can be achieved by laudanum and haschisch as much as by divine grace applied to the soul ; but the ethical value of the end cannot be impeached by the use of discreditable methods, though the operator may be personally discredited and permanently maimed thereby.

The gospel according to the my tics has, it will be seen, its darker side As thl known forces of modern material science can be used to p eserve or destroy, so can the arcane poll ncies developed by magic be directed to a good or an evil end. In tne suggestive language of resident in the. There is white and there is black magic. The lawful application of the arcane forces which are known to esoteric science constitutes White Magic; the lawless and vicious application of the same forces is the Black or Infernal Art.

The seat of the law abides in the intention and will of That which is well meant must eventuthe operator. Actions must be appraised by their inally work well. The contrast obtained by the epithets white and black may be considered to countenance their use, but such emblematical language has frequently been misapplied. Then we have red magic, which is characterized as the cream of the secret sciences.

As it is impossible to conclusively determine that such heights have ever been truly scaled, the modern mystic will be unwise to insist on their existence, though he may feel personally assured of the fact. Pererius in , Tiedemann in , Freytag in , Christophorus in , have all written tracts on the subject of Magic, which are sometimes met with.

Practically, however, the angels of Catholic history and legend, in spite of their consummate perfection, would appear to rejoice in the plenary possession of that freedom which an abstract theology denies them. They respond to invocations, they perform miracles, they garner the prayers of the faithful, they overwatch human beings, and they engage everlastingly in a spiritual warfare with the emissaries of perdition and darkness.

The latter evolved out of its diverse combiner. The Incommunicable Name came to be considered a fountain of arcane power, and, by an easy and natural transition, it was at length regarded as the source of life. It is necessary to explain this point in order to understand the angelical doctrines of the Jewish Magi. Each of the alphabetical symbols represented a vital and creative principle resident in the intelligible world.

J ust as out of the letters of an ordinary alphabet is evolved the vocabulary of a great language, so from the arcane potencies which were signified by the Hebrew signs, the variations of an infinite existence were divinely elaborated. Now, the supposition of an exact correspondence between the arcane potencies in question and the signs by which they were represented, as well as between the inexhaustible vitalities of the Cosmos and the language developed from the signs, constituted the magical character of the Jewish tongue.

By the sequence of symbols extending from Aleph to Jod was symbolised the Angelical World, or the hierarchy of sovereign intelligences directly derived from the first Eternal Light, and attributed to Jod in first and superior correspondence. By the sequence from Caf to Tsad were represented the several orders of angels who inhabit the visible, or astronomical and astrological worlds, mystically attributed to Jah, each individual sphere being under the special safeguard of a particular presiding intelligence.

The sequence from Tsad to Thau is in arcane correspondence with the elementary world, which is attributed by philosophers to Jaho in the pai amount. The destinies of humanity are dispensed in the elementary sphere, and its angelic intelligences preside over animated Nature. Orthodox Christian theosophy enumerates nine choirs of angelical beings which differ from each other in order and in degree of glory, but are all of the same nature.

In the mystical writings attributed to the apostolic Areopagite, an account of these hierarchies is given in an extended form, and it is undoubtedly to this transcendentalist mystic that theology is indebted for the angelical doctrines subsequently developed by S. Now the advanced mystic who borrowed the name of Dionysius was indebted in turn to the Kabbalists for his pneumatic hypotheses, as will be seen in the following tabulation of the attributes of the Divine Names, and of the intelligences in correspondence with each of the Hebrew letters. The first letter of the Hebrew alphabet is called Aleph it is in correspondence with Eheieh, the fontal name of God, which is interpreted as Div'ne Essence.

Its seat is in the world called Ensoph, which signifies Infinity, and its attribute is Keter, the Crown. It rules over the Angels called by the Hebrews Haioth-haKodesch, or The Living Creatures of Holiness, who are otherwise named Seraphim, and constitute the first and order. By their ministry, Jehovah unfolded and cleared the II. The attribute of Bachour is Hocmah, or Divine Wisdom. The third letter is Ghimel. It corresponds to the name Gadol, which signifies Grand or Great, and is assigned to the Angels of the third order whom the Hebrews called Aralym, the mighty and strong.

These are the Thrones of the Kabbalists, and the third choir. By their ministry Tetragrammaton Elohim establishes and maintains the form of the Fluidic Matter.

Its attribute is Binah, or Intelligence. By their ministry were elaborated the diverse forms of matter, and especially the human body. Hcsed is the attribute of El, and it signifies Mercy and Goodness. The fifth letter is He, which typifies the name Nadour, significant of the majesty of God, and corresponding to the fifth angelical hierarchy, which is the choir of might and power, and its Intelligences are called Powers. By their ministry the elements were evolved by Elohim-Gibor, whose numeration is Pachad, which.

Fear and Judgment, and whose attribute is Geburah, which signifies Strength and Power. The sixth letter is Vau, whence is developed the name Vezio, cum splendwe ; it stands for the Angels of the sixth order, the Malakim, or Virtues, by whose ministry Eloah-Vaudahat produces the metals and other substances which belong to the mineral kingdom.

His attribute is Tiphereth, which signifies Beauty and signifies. The seventh letter is Zain, which originates the name Zakai, equivalent to purus mundus.

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It corresponds to the Angels of the seventh order, the Kabbalistic Children of Elohim, who are the Principalities of orthodox faith. By their ministry the vegetable king-. The eighth letter is called Cheth. It designates It the name Chasid, which is equivalent to misericors. By their ministry the animal creation was developed by Elohim-Sabaoth, whose attribute is. It corresponds to IX. The ninth letter is Teth. Tahor, or the Mundus purus, and to the Cherubim or ninth choir of Angels, who preside at the birth of man. The tenth letter is Jod, which gives power to the name Jah, which is equivalent to Beus.